WAD Software doesn’t want to be just another software company - We are committed to make the difference. We are able to create brand new solutions to satisfy the most demanding costumers and their companies.


We develop web based applications, which allow our customers to run all their applications without installing them on their computers. Our applications are installed on the servers to make sure that your confidential data is secure.


While investing in the quality of our products and services, we can guarantee our customers updated and improved solutions. So our clients could expect from us easy to use and rapidly deployable solutions.

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    Green Software

    Senior Journal, 2010

    Almost half of Europeans use the internet every day but one third have never used the web, according to a new European Commission report...

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    Internet across Europe

    Business Week, 2010

    The British are the most active users of the Web in Europe. In all countries, women use it more than men...



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